Laura Sarkane has graduated Riga's Art and Design School, Art Academy of Latvia and has received bachelor and master degrees in ceramic arts. She has also supplemented her knowledge many exchange programs, art project, participated in exhibitions, competitions in Europe - Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania - and abroad - Turkey, USA, Russia.
Laura's one of the favorite ceramic materials is porcelain, because as she says: "Porcelain got a personality as no other! It is like a princess and you should treat it like one." However stoneware has not been forgotten as it is more masculine material and it gives necessary strength for work who likes to travel in exhibitions. Her works are sculptural and chosen topics usually are serious but input in the complete work always has a part of humor or smile in it. For example her work "Recordatio XIII" with consisted of 13 Teddy bear skeletons or work "Symbols" which includes seven raku pictures with scenes of girls playing with little skeleton bears. As Laura says she likes to surprise herself and it is always hard to tell what will be next inspiration.
Currently I am working on drawings which sometimes become draft for some of my ceramic works. I like to capture simple things that stirred up my imagination at the time without thinking too much about the meaning. Sometimes, I look at myself through these drawings while other times I just look around.
Here and there, I like to let one or two colors point out the mood or spoil any reasonable meaning beyond the simple lines.
There is a particular collection of paper drawings, which I have done lately, reflecting my view on Bucharest and Riga. I miss Riga, and these drawings have a profound personal note. I have moved to Bucharest from Riga leaving behind my seashore, sober, bicycle friendly hometown for a different culture and city. 


Events & Workshop Participation



  •  Exhibition “Mates”, ADSR, Riga, Latvia


  • Exhibition “Spring”, Kaunas, Lithuania



  • Baltic States Exhibition at Anderson Center, WI, USA
  • Participant in project and exhibition “Ecoceramics”, Tallinn, Estonia
  • TEDY FAN 2012 exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Solo exhibition “Sisters” in Riga Porcelain Museum, Riga, Latvia



  • Designer of the “Latvia – Polish dictionary”, published by Zvaigzne ABC, Riga, Latvi
  • Visiting artists in Lake Pepin Art and Design Center, Wisconsin, USA
  • Internship in National University of Art of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Participant in 2nd International symposium and exhibition of overglaze and underglaze paintings, Eskisehir, Turkey



  • Participation in “International student vase symposium 2010”, Dubi, Czech Republic
  • Participation in Baltic States wheel-throwing competition and I. Place in aesthetic wheel-throwing, Kaunas, Lithuania



  • Latvian Art Academy Ceramics departments 85.year anniversary student exhibition “Little Crimes” organizer and participant, Riga, Latvia
  • Participant of X-th international Ceramics symposium “We”, theme – reduction firing and symposiums exhibition “Redukcija”, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Participation in exhibition “Kunstbar” in Art space D.FAB, with diploma work “Recordatio XIII” – 13 porcelain Teddy bear skeletons Riga, Latvia
  • Participation in exhibition “Forma.Krāsa. Līnija” (“Form.Color. Line.”) in Rigas Māklas Telpā (Riga’s Art Space), with diploma work “Recordatio XIII” – 13 porcelain Teddy bear skeletons, Riga, Latvia
  • Participation in exhibition “Intīms” (“Intimate”) in Decorative Art and Design museum in Riga, Latvia


  • Participation in exhibition “Rudens 080808, es esmu Gruzīns” (“Autumn 080808, I am Georgian”), Riga, Latvia
  • Participant in Second International Silicate Arts Triennial and triennials exhibition in Kecskemet, Bacs-Kiskun Country, Hungary
  • Student exchange program Socrates/ Erasmus in Anadolu University ceramic department Eskisehir, Turkey


  • Participation in project, exhibition and auction “…Viegla dvesma no vēstures paradīzes…” (“…Light Breath of History and paradise…”) work was made by Nils Muižnieks sketches – Christmas tree decorations in porcelain “Birds” in Europe Club Casino Riga, Latvia 
  • Participant in International Porcelain Painting Symposium “Together in Europe”  in Zartava, Latvia and account exhibition of symposium in European Union House in Riga, Latvia 
  • Europe Club Casino exhibition and sale “White Angels story”, Riga, Latvia


  • Participant in Art and Design school of Riga diploma work exhibition „Made in Latvia” with diploma work “Fiori coctail” in The History and Art museum of Madona, Latvia
  • Participant in yearly Rigas Porcelain museum exhibition “International mini ceramics”, Riga, Latvia


  • Art Project for workshop “Artelis”, “Dienas un putas” (“Days and foam”), ceramics exhibition, Riga, Latvia
  • Art and Design school of Riga diploma work exhibition ”Made in Latvia ” with diploma work “Fiori coctail ” in The History museum of Jēkapils, Latvia
  • Youth exchange program “The Rainbow Of Cultures: Being active in the process form tolerance to social inclusion”, Scarlino , Italy


  • Participant in Art Project for young artists “Sāls” (“Salt”), ceramics exhibition Riga, Latvia
  • Student exchange program within The Leonardo da Vinci program’s project “New products in classic methods” Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Exhibition “Jēkabam Drandam 150” in Latvian History Museum in collaboration with A/S “Latvijas keramika A”, Riga, Latvia
  • Janis Anmanis Latvian Academy of Children's Artistic Fantasy Riga, Latvia